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Our Story

Hyderabad, all of Telangana and by extension all of India, has a massive student population. This population has long been identified and recognised as a potential market and influencer for a lot of products. ‘A significant cost incurred by companies is User Acquisition. Reaching out to the student community directly is a good way to reduce this cost. At Stumagz we hope to help both sides – companies and students,’ says Sri Charan Lakkaraju, Founder, Stumagz.

Stumagz started as an idea Charan had while he was conducting training program for students. He identified and witnessed first hand the advantage and potential of reaching out to students directly and not through a specific advertising channel.

Our Approach

  • checkmark Stumagz started with a basic blogging website with good number of active users, Stumagz redesigned and rebuilt the website with good user interface and easy way of posting an article for the students.

  • checkmark Where everything is turning mobile, the product whose major target users are the smartphone users, mobile application is the key for user engagement.

  • checkmark We started developing the android mobile application with restful APIs provided by Stumagz Team.

  • checkmark The mobile application got into a great shape with modern day sleek design and the most easiest way to post an article for the student , a platform to browse all the articles written by students from various colleges in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.