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Our Story

Urban India suffers from a massive disconnect between citizens and local government, where even a small task, such as finding information to contact your local civic agency, becomes an ordeal. This is further complicated because of fragmentation between urban bodies and departments, and fundamentally, the lack of formal avenues for citizens to take part in local governance.

Janaspandana is the brainchild project of our respected chairman Mr.YVR Srinivas Rao who is an aspiring businessmen and successfully edited and published a newspaper in Kakinada for 15 years.

He wanted to start something which can bring an impact in the society, He also believed technology can bring a solution to each and every problem. Thats The Rise Of

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Our Idea


Janaspandana as the name suggests, is a platform for people to come together to show their reaction on the day to day problems to the concerned government officials using modern day technology.Through this change motivated social media network, communities interact on varied civic issues, learn about various government departments, functions and strive towards changing the city to make it a better place to live.

Janaspandana aims to address major three aspects which strives towards good governance; Participation, Accountability and Transparency . The distinct feature of Janaspandana is that it helps build a network comprising the whole state government to address common challenges faced by citizens in their daily routine. It connects people online and by sharing information and success stories, to actively engage on civic issues.


Our journey began, Team invested three years building the Janaspandana- a enhanced social media platform to produce maps from an astonishing 2,00,000 profiles issued to different government departments and the building of a multifaceted system by which complaints are sorted and forwarded to relevant Government Departments for solutions.

Technology, as we know, is being used literally on the move. We have developed user-friendly mobile apps across various smartphone platforms- Android, iOS and Windows. This would allow users to post complaints about issues that affect them on the go.


Our Vison

Data is the new Soil. Janaspandana’s mission with Open Data is to empower citizen of India with Knowledge & Wisdom related to Governance and help take part in Good Governance.


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