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Our Story

  • checkmark How often do you wish you had a bike for the day ahead?

  • checkmark Have a plan with your friends, but dread on the fact that you have to depend on someone for a pick up, or depend on public transport?

  • checkmark Does the mere thought of the long arguments with auto drivers & surge priced cabs demotivate you to leave home?

If you can relate to any one of the above instances also, then you fall under that segment of people who do want to have a two wheeler at your doorstep to take you anywhere and everywhere at anytime, but just don’t have one.

Erawan Bikes is the most affordable and best bike rental company in Hyderabad. Erawan is so special for delivering the bike at your doorstep, you can enjoy your ride and the bike will be picked up again at your doorstep.

What We Did

We have given custom made modern day code standard enhanced web & mobile application which will help them to have a great user base and gain great profits.

  • checkmark Make a booking – through the web & mobile application which is very easy.

  • checkmark Receive the bike at your doorstep – Erawan delivers the bike at your doorstep and do not take any deposit money as well

  • checkmark Ride it all along – The bike is yours temporarily! Take it for quick spin around the city or go away for a long roadtrip

  • checkmark Get it picked up after your use – Once you signal the team to stop your ride, Erawan agents will pick the bike from your doorstep