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Our Story

In today’s society, technology plays an important role in people’s lives and in businesses and organizations around the world. There is no doubt that the advancement of technology has had an impact on art and in turn, the arts have impacted communities.

Innovative social entrepreneurs and mission-driven businesses are using data, social media, mobile apps, and other technologies to better solve problems around the world and reach more people and communities.


Our Approach

  • checkmark We have designed the basic idea of artists social media to an advanced product which helps artists to showcase themselves to filmmakers and casting directors.

  • checkmark is built on a custom made UI interface with modern day frameworks which helps the user to register and spend quality time on the website.

  • checkmark Media Upload is one of the advanced feature we see on major websites and we made it with utmost precision which is one of the standout feature in Castingz.

How It Shaped ?

Castingz laptop
  • checkmark is a database which provides profiles of renowned, intermediary and budding artists which helps users to showcase themselves.

  • checkmark It is a great place for film professionals & casting directors, which offers complementary services that make the artists data more transparent and accessible.

  • checkmark We wish Castingz turns out to be the Facebook for artists.